rules during covid


  • Use the hand sanitizer on the counter by the door as soon as you enter. Make sure you use enough to saturate your hands well enough that you can continue rubbing the sanitizer in for 15-20 seconds. 

  • Absolutely no studio props are the be used. I have them all closed off in the back corner. You will need to bring your own mat and any props you need. I have all your mats you've previously left back there as well. If your mat is back there, please go ahead and grab it but then plan to take it home with you until all this passes. 

  • Six feet physical distancing must be followed at all times! This includes the parking lot! When you come into the studio, place your mat on one of the blue lines facing the black mat in the back of the studio and try to remain on your mat during your entire practice. If you must use the bathroom, please be aware of the personal space of those you pass by.  

  • No lingering in the common areas before or after class. Straight to your mat, straight to the parking lot. 

  • All in-studio classes are free to members (or those who have already been pre-paying by the month). For all others, the temporary price will be $10 per class. Please understand we can usually fit up to 25 students in this space so the limited capacity at this time makes it harder for me to cover payment for my teachers. Which leads me to my last rule....

  • Only EIGHT STUDENTS PER CLASS! Yes, I know this is not many and my hope is that many of you will continue to utilize the online classes which will remain absolutely free to everyone at least through the end of August.

  • If you feel sick in any way or have been around anyone who has felt sick, please stay home! If you have a chronic cough, even if it's just allergies, you will be asked to go home.