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New Age Fitness

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Rutherford College, NC

2020 Blastoff Bootcamp Yoga & Detox

Do you make the same resolutions every year?

If so, it's time for something new!

Here at New Age Fitness, we don't believe in quick fixes. We believe in gentle, healthy, holistic changes that eventually add up to a completely new life!

We aren't promising quick weight loss or rock hard abs in 90 days. Instead, we are offering proven methods of changing your body, mind and LIFE in ways that are sustainable, gentle and life altering.

Yoga is just the beginning but will be the cornerstone of your program. It will include:
• 6am Bootcamp Yoga Classes on Monday and Thursday mornings
• Gentle Detox Recommendations for not only your body but your mind and unlimited support on these recommendations via a private Facebook group
• Weekly motivational messages delivered to your inbox first thing each Monday morning
• Deeply discounted rates on a more personalized Weight Loss Support Program which includes unlimited access into all our weekly classes or One-on-One Personal Training at 25% off regular rates.
**Please Note: You MUST purchase the Bootcamp Package to purchase any of the other packages. Also, if you purchase the Weight Loss Support, you DO NOT need to purchase the unlimited class option, as this is automatically included.

Our program launches January 6, 2020 at 6 am.

Secure your spot now by pre-purchasing your 3-month spot at a discounted rate of $135 here or contact us via any of our contact methods on this website to arrange monthly payments of $48/per month.

When you sign up, you will be committing to three months on the program. However, provided this program has enough participants, we will extend the duration and you will have the option to continue month to month at your introductory rate.

***If you are interested in attending the Bootcamp Yoga classes only, you may pay as you go, at $8 per class or $4 for current auto draft members.

Opening & Empowering Vision Board Workshop with Autumn Hansen

Saturday, January 18th



A visual representation of your goals and dreams for 2020:


Identify your goals.

Reinforcing with daily affirmations.

Maintain focus.


This workshop will help you clarify your goals, motivate through visualization, and empower you to reach your goals through positive affirmation.


Each participant will make a vision board based on personal goals, whether they be work, personal, financial or physical. While we are making the board we will discuss how to use this as a tool to reach goals and help start 2020 reaching for our dreams.


We will provide all the supplies you need. However, please feel free to bring personalized things to add, or if you have magazines to share, you are encouraged to bring these as well.


You MUST reserve your spot ahead to ensure we have enough supplies for all participants.

Candlelight Yin Yoga

Friday, Jan 31st


Come join us for us first monthly Candlelight Yoga of the new year. This month will be hosted by Autumn and will be a great way to unwind and center yourself for the New Year.


Open to the public

$7 per person or FREE for draft members.

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