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So, I think most of the answers are within us and the most healing things we can put in our bodies are almost always found in nature, not in a package. HOWEVER!!! There are most definitely some things that don't fit into either of these aforementioned categories.

Because healing and true wellness so infrequently come in a package, you won't find shelves full of supplements and potions for sale in my studio or on my website. Instead, when I find something I just can not live without, I will share it with the people around me via links through text and Facebook. So, I decided create a list of all my favorite things in this one place for a couple of reasons. First, so that I can just start directing people to this page when they have common questions like "is there a protein supplement you would recommend?" Or, "what kind of workout pants do you wear?" Second, to introduce other great products to said people." And, third, to create affiliate links because, well, because I'm a business person. That being said, as of today's date (3/4/21) I've made exactly $1.48 from affiliate links. My point of sharing this is to emphasize that I will never recommend a product just to make a little money. That's why I'm also posting pics of myself with these products to prove that I actually use them myself!

This page will be a work in progress because my plan is to add links as people ask for them so, if there's something in particular you are interested in trying (supplements, workout clothes, etc), message me and let me know. If I don't have any good suggestions, I will tell you so and I'll direct you to a scholarly link to do your own research!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I am not qualified to give medical advice! The information I am presenting below is based solely on my own experience and opinions and you should do exactly what I've done when it comes to your no one source for anything! Educate yourself! Knowledge is power!

Collagen Protein

A quality collagen supplement has been shown to improve skin elasticity, slow down the aging process, less skin dryness, relieves joint pain, possibly aid in the prevention of bone loss and boost muscle gain (not a lot of good studies done on this one yet), promotes heart health, weight loss, hair and nail growth and strength and, my favorite....improves gut health!!

This one is huge! Our gut lining is made up more of collagen than anything else. We do so many things to break down our gut lining and collagen (the right kinds!!) can help restore this lining which not only improves our overall health but can even reduce the symptoms of mild food intolerance. For instance, when I've been doing everything right for my gut health, I can eat some dairy and even wheat (two foods I generally have to avoid altogether) and not have adverse effects.

These are the two brands I feel very confident recommending to others as well as putting in my own body and the bodies of the people I love. I use two different ones because they are different types of proteins and you need different types to attain all of the aforementioned benefits. I generally alternate them every other day.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides contain both Type I and III which are good for skin, hair, nails, joints, ligaments and tendons. It's also Whole30 approved!!

Vital Proteins is one of those rate brands that I truly trust any product they put out. I encourage you to look into the company as a whole! They sincerely seem to value solid science of ethical production and distribution.

Ancient Nutrition Multi-Collagen Protein

One of the main reasons I recently added this protein to my rotation is because it contains a type of collagen found on the inside lining of egg shells. This particular type of collagen is showing promising evidence that it can really help heal gut lining! Good gut health improves everything from brain function to the ability to lose weight. This last time around I decided to treat myself to the vanilla flavor. I've been adding it to a cup of organic decaf coffee with a little bit of Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk in the early afternoon and using it to break my fast. So yummy!


Okay, first, let's get real about something....ANY pre-workout drink, other than maybe organic black coffee and maybe some beetroot powder, isn't exactly a "superfood health cocktail". HOWEVER! Here in Tammi-land, I'm living in the real world where I have real vices and one of them is a tasty, tingly pre-workout! It just makes me feel peppy and powerful. Sooooo, instead of trying to deny myself of every single pleasure, I've found all kinds of ways to minimize as many negative effects as I can while still enjoying my favorite things.

Enter, OMG Pre-Workout!

First, for any pre-workout enthusiasts, I think you'll be excited at how well this one compares to some of the ickier ones of C4 (one of my biggest addictions until a few years ago)!

I like that OMG has much cleaner ingredients (some flavors are actually certified organic) and it's sweetened with Stevia. So, definitely not saying that a pre-workout is an ideal health food but if you're gonna pre-workout, you should OMG....

Foam Rollers

I am a huge fan of foam rolling tight muscles, especially in my thighs. You really don't need anything fancy so I'm just suggesting the two I use. The smooth one is for your really tight spots that almost hurt to the touch and the nubby one is better for digging in deeper.

Workout Clothes

IUGA High Waisted Yoga Pants.

I am IN LOVE with these pants and bras. I'm in the process, actually, of transitioning over almost completely to just these brands.

The IUGA Pants don't fall down and the darker colors don't show every bump and dimple AAAND they have pockets which I love...Although! I think these are the ones I ordered Coffee in once and had to send them back because, for some reason, even though they were dark colored, it seemed like I remember they weren't so flattering. I have these in purple, black and even a lighter gray color. I'm guessing the light ones with the little lines in them would probably be pretty forgiving too!

Sizing is spot on with these. I am a straight up medium and these fit like my fairy godmother made them for me!

The Running Girl Sports Bras are A-MAZ-ING! I've turned so many of my friends and clients onto these and they are always priced CHEAP! They have good support without smooshing you down. While I don't ever love the removable pads in sports bras, these stay put pretty well! I've only ever had to fix one pad one time and it was because I forgot to put the bra in a mesh bag before washing. I also store them flat in my drawer which I think helps. I love these bras so much, in fact, that I got ready of all my "regular" bras and I now wear them with non-workout clothes almost exclusively!!

There are two styles of bras on here. I get the ones that are a little lower cut in the front with the seams going down the sides. These are usually the bras on the left of all your selection choices.

Oh! As far as sizing, in the bras, I can fit into my regular size but I find moving up a size makes them super comfy. For reference, I'm a pretty solid medium in everything and I order a large in the bras. However, I have a friend who is a smaller medium (she's actually very small all around and I think just needs medium for cup size instead of circumference) and she said the large is too big for her. So I'm guessing if you're smaller in circumference, you may want to opt for your regular size.

Magnesium Glycinate & L-Theanine

This stuff has seriously changed my life! I take 240 mg each night before bed and it helps me get a more restful night's sleep, it helps keep me "regular" and is supposed to help women (especially women over 40) to control their weight!

I take my magnesium alongside 100mg of L-Theanine which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.

Rebounder (Mini Trampoline)

While, as anyone who has set foot in my studio knows, I'm not big on equipment, I find Rebounding to be an extremely beneficial form of cardio and worth the space it takes up. What's great about rebounding is, in addition to being an excellent form of cardio, it is low impact and excellent for the lymphatic system. It can also build lean muscle and improve bone density.

I first discovered rebounding when my mother was sick with cancer and we were researching natural remedies. We found a lot of information that suggested rebounding could help. I definitely am NOT claiming that rebounding cures cancer by any means! In fact, I feel pretty confident in saying it does not, in fact, cure cancer. However, I do believe that exercise and proper lymph circulation could very likely prevent it, along with all kinds of other things!

If nothing's fun!

I have a little morning routine I do most days to ensure that my body is properly detoxified from the previous day as well as prepared for the day ahead. Rebounding for about 3-5 minutes is part of that routine!

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