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Senior Yoga Class

Group Fitness

At New Age Fitness, we continue to evolve a calendar of classes that reflect our philosophy on the types of exercise we believe most contribute to overall fitness: Mind, Body and Spirit.

We are dedicated to creating a warm and safe environment where we all work together to achieve overall wellness. Our small, cozy studio contains a collection of everyday people of all ages and fitness levels. Come get well while forming lifelong friendships!

All of our classes are open to the public. We are currently not requiring you to book regular weekly group fitness classes in advance (most pop-up classes and workshops do require pre-booking). You simply show up and pay $10 per class or you can access unlimited classes by signing up for a membership below.

Monthly Unlimited Classes Options


  • Unlimited access to weekly group fitness classes

  • Free access to pop-up classes

  • Reduced rates to special events

  • 50% off InBody scans

$35/month with year contract

$45/month with no contract


Are you new to yoga and don't feel comfortable attending a class quite yet?

Book a private one-on-one yoga session to help get you started. 

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