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Tammi McClendon

Owner, Trainer, Teacher

I started my fitness journey in 2009 at 31 years old. Having been sedentary, sickly and obese for most of my life, finding fitness (or, rather, wellness) was like discovering a magical potion that changed everything for me! 


During my 100+ pound weight loss, I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I didn't know exactly where I was going to go with it but I trusted that my path would just keep unfolding before me...and it did!


Fast forward to now, I am the owner of New Age Fitness. Anyone who understands small businesses, understands that this means that I am actually owner, secretary, class instructor, trainer, janitor and advertising department....and I am blissfully loving every second of it! 


I am absolutely passionate about bringing wellness to as many people as I can. And, while I love introducing all walks of life to wellness, because of my own journey, I have a soft spot in my heart for weight loss clients. Because of this, I have started various weight loss programs and periodically host free Weight Loss Workshops.


Morgan Morrell

High Fitness

Morgan Morrell is a certified High Fitness instructor. Originally from Utah where she established a love for boating, water sports, outside adventures, and High Fitness. Her family relocated to Morganton, North Carolina for a career opportunity where she, her husband Alex, daughter Oakley, and dog Duke reside. When Morgan isn’t teaching high fitness you can find her at the dog park, book store, and or local restaurants.

Morgan could not be more excited to bring High Fitness to Western North Carolina. High fitness took old school aerobics and transformed it into a fun, heart-pounding, and effective workout. Come join our community of fun, and high energy fitness! Morgan would love to see you at her next class.


Marcia Powell

Yoga Teacher...but so much more!

My journey with fitness began in the early 80's. I started running and taking aerobics, ran a marathon and became ACE Certified. For around 25 years I taught HI-Low aerobics, step, weights, slide, spin, water and yoga.


I traveled quite a bit and loved learning different ways of life from different cultures. I enjoy playing with vibrations from humming to singing bowls to drumming. I believe we can all tue into a higher vibration. 


I took a hiatus from teaching due to life circumstances and, during that time, I built a Medicine Wheel and a Labyrinth which helped me renew my passion for yoga. I completed a yoga teacher training in 2015 and have been so fortunate to teach at New Age since then. 


I have been practicing yoga off and on since my early twenties and continue to learn the wonders of it. Aging has made my love for yoga even deeper, not only for the physicality but for the heart-mind connection. 


I firmly believe during the rush of life, we need to take time and find our breath and just be.


Autumn Hansen

Yoga Teacher

I began practicing yoga while I was in New York, working as a probation officer. The high stress combined with my lupus was proving to be a detrimental combination. My doctors recommended trying new things for stress relief and a friend took me to a yoga class...the rest is history. 

I instantly fell in love with yoga. In 2017, I took the leap and did my yoga teacher training at Odyssey Yoga in Colorado. I also received several certificates while in Boulder, including trauma informed yoga, prison yoga, yoga nidra and prenatal yoga. 

Yoga, to me, is a state of mind. It depends on the day and what my body needs as to what I practice and how I teach. I enjoy teaching vinyasa because it helps people use their body to clear their mind. I also love restorative yoga because it allows people to slow down and honor and respect their body with a general practice. 

My favorite yoga meets me where I am and that's what I like to give students. A space on the mat to practice with no judgment. Honoring what they need, not only physically but, mentally on that day, in that practice, on their mat. 

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