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Weight Loss Support

Do you want to attend group fitness classes but wish you just had a little bit more to help you toward your fitness goals? But maybe one-on-one personal training is too much of a commitment or just a little pricier than you'd prefer. Maybe you just need someone to hold you accountable, or help you learn to make better eating choices but then you can take it from there? 


The Weight Loss Support program is the midpoint between group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training. 

Our approach is unique in that we won't be handing you a pre-printed menu plan and sending you on your way. Instead, we sit down with you and work (and rework) your program as much as you need it! Every person in unique and we recognize that. We recognize that most weight loss plans fail but we also recognize why. Its because most plans don't take into account that there are deep rooted physical and psychological elements at play. We dig deep and aim to make permanent change. 


This program includes:

One 30 minute one-on-one goal setting session per month.

InBody Scans every six weeks to three months, depending on your progress. 

Unlimited Entry into all group fitness classes.

Unlimited Text and Email support from your trainer.

Nutrition Guidance

A personalized app for you to keep track of all your workouts, measurements, goals and much, much more!



What Our Clients Say


Michael, Client

In the past year, my body has changed but not nearly as much as my mind, heart and soul have been touched and healed. 

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