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Welcome to New Age Fitness!

Our vision is to make life-long fitness accessible to everyone. We aren't interested in six-packs or extreme workouts. We balk at the idea of one-size-fits-all approaches. We recognize that we are all on very different journeys. We want YOU to embrace and appreciate your body for what it can do...and it can do SO much more than you think! And we welcome every person with open arms!

We offer group fitness, weight loss support and one-on-one personal training as well as fun and informative workshops from time-to-time. We are a growing little community of regular people trying to live our best lives!

Visit our About Page to learn more about us and take a little video tour. We hope to see you soon!

About the owner

Tammi McClendon

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My mother and I opened New Age Fitness in 2014 with a vision: Fitness for everyone, in a warm and loving environment that nurtures growth and wellness instead of catering to only those who are already extremely fit or get there quickly. We wanted to create a haven for the shy, the weak, the obese, the elderly, the hurting, and the self-proclaimed outcast! And that's exactly what we've done. Our little New Age family continues to grow and each new person who walks through our door quickly feels what the rest of us feel!


In 2018, my mother passed away after a 2-year battle with cancer....and now I continue this passion for the both of us! 

Now that it's been well over a decade since I began making my own life changes, I increasingly grow compelled to share everything I've learned with anyone who will listen. But, in fact, it reaches back much further than that. I was much, much younger when I first developed a keen interest in self-development. Having struggled with anxiety, disordered eating and a weight problem from early childhood on, I felt a strong draw to anything that promised to improve my life in any capacity. My diagnosis of OCD, general anxiety and ADD in early adulthood on, fueled my burning desire to find the answers. So, all those years leading up to my 130 pound weight loss, when the internal finally began to manifest in a more external way, I was busy learning how to beat the odds and actually CURE myself of obesity and, along the way, learning to better deal with my anxiety, develop a better relationship with food and my body and completely change almost every single aspect of my life to better reflect the authentic and happy life I am determined to live. My journey was never a straight line, but my path to wellness has been littered with hundreds of books, dozens of documentaries and counselors, and countless scholarly articles. And I want to share everything I've found with as many people as possible!


All of this has added up to my creation of New Age Fitness along with my online material as a supplement for my patrons as well as a place to start for those who aren't local. The answers are not simple rules tied up in a bow. Our bodies and minds are so complex. I want to give you as many rabbit holes to run down and learn about your most valuable and precious tool you've been given on your trip around this spinning rock....your body! My studio is ever evolving to meet all wellness needs and my goal has always been and will continue to be providing this at an affordable price to everyone...and often free when I can!

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