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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

When I started exercising on a regular basis I had a huge fear that one day I would just stop. That was back before I grew to love it so much. As I look back on that fear, it is hard to remember it now because I hate rest days. Exercise makes me feel alert, energized and just more alive each day.

But if you are still struggling with exercise try to stop looking at it as a chore. Don't push yourself too hard (yet anyway!). Go take a stroll around the block, breath in the fresh air and (hopefully) sunshine. Go take a Zumba class. Yoga. Something that maybe you did and walked away with a positive memory in the past.

The honest truth is, pushing yourself in your workout today, will not help you attain your goal....whaaaat?! That's because one exercise session will not make you fit. However, one exercise session could very well determine whether you begin to associate physical activity with pain and misery which will determine how likely you are (or are not) to do it again.

So instead of the "oh my gawd, I have to go do bootcamp cause I've missed it all week! I hate bootcamp!", maybe you could call a friend or grab your iPod with your favorite tunes and go for a nice, easy walk. Or just turn on some music and booty dance in front of the mirror (, I've never done that....why do you ask?)

Remember, this is about the journey, not the destination. Because, really, what is the destination? The day you slide into your size 6's? The day you peak and are the most attractive you will be in this life before your looks slowly fade? Big whoop! No. The destination does not exist actually because our lives and our bodies are fluid, constantly changing so must our goals. The journey, however, will be comprised of happy, healthy days where you know you are doing everything you can to ensure each and every OH SO PRECIOUS day on this earth is as good as you deserve it to be!!!

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