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May 2024 Challenge: Eat Carbs From Natural Sources

Updated: May 7

For the month of May, challenge yourself to eat carbohydrates exclusively from natural sources. This means avoiding all processed and refined carbs like pastries, potato chips, sugary snacks, pasta and bread (yes, even whole wheat bread). Basically, if it comes in a package, you'll spend the month of May avoiding it. Think: single ingredient, whole foods.

Instead, focus on whole foods that naturally contain carbohydrates. These include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, and oats. You can also use honey as a sweetener. The goal of this challenge is to promote healthier eating habits, increase your intake of nutrients and fiber, and reduce your consumption of added sugars and refined starches. This can lead to better overall health, more stable energy levels throughout the day, better digestion and sleep, loss of excess body fat, redistribution of body fat away from your midsection as well as helping to facilitate a healthier relationship with food in general.

Embrace this challenge to rediscover the natural flavors and benefits of unprocessed carbohydrate sources!

I've created this video to explain in more detail what this challenge entails as well as how to modify it!

Learn more about what processed foods are and why they're problematic by watching this video.

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